Kebittigollewa / Vox pop

Friday, June 16, 2006

"We lost 35 family members, including our mother.The innocent civilians are being killed in the name of peace" say Prasanna Sirisena (26) and his sister Jamuna Uthayakumari Sirisena (20) from Kebittigollewa

"The Tamil Tigers have killed the Sinhala civilians for sure to wipe the community out from this area" says N.Wijesinghe (46) from Kebittigollewa .

"Definitely the Tamil Tigers must have done something like this. The soldiers and farmers live in this area" says Corporal Jagath Gamage (36) from Kebittigollewa

"I am working as a bus conductor for the government bus service.I travel on this route frequently. The military does not travel on this road. The Tamil Tigers must have targeted the civilians, who travel on this particular bus daily" says D.M.A.Premathilaka (32) from Kebittikollawa

"The Sinhalese are very kind, and love each other.They would not have done something like this. They do not like to kill people. I have been helping the affected since the incident happened.It is very sad that we lost 64 lives, and more injured" says Jayawathi (40) from Kebittigollewa .

"I did not loose anybody in the bus blast, but I came to pay my last respects to the dead civilians. We do not have permanent peace. Everybody is talking about bringing peace to the country, but we can only see killings taking place daily" says Sriyalatha (24)

Bus blast spot in Kebittigollewa